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A job fair exclusively for female graduates will be held in Beijing next month, said an official from the Beijing Women"s Federation on Tuesday.

The March 23 job fair is part of a series of activities organized by the federation that month to celebrate International Women"s Day, including handing out free film tickets and holding lectures on domestic violence law.

Shi Hongxia, deputy director of the federation"s development division, said at a news conference on Tuesday that the job fair – jointly organized by the federation and Beijing"s employment guidance center for college graduates – will be attended by 100 enterprises, with up to 2,000 positions available.

"Every year we select recruiters based on female graduate"s characteristics, and this will be the 13th," she said, adding that previous events like this have been applauded by female graduates and reaped good results.

The job fair will take place at the Beijing employment guidance center in Beijing"s Haidian district, Shi said.

To help female graduates secure jobs and start their own businesses, the women"s federation will also cooperate with enterprises to provide internships, and invite female entrepreneurs to hold seminars with students, Shi said.

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